What is Travel Affiliate Website?

Travel Affiliate Website is a fully setup website, pre-loaded with real content and proven income producing capabilities, ready for business and making you money from day one. They are fully automated, maintenance free and don’t require any experience to operate.

This site is powerful Travel Search Engines that allow users to find the best and compare prices for hotels, flights, plus other travel related services and/or products. There is a huge demand for this type of website as more people try to save money when booking their next holiday.

How to Make Money with Travel Affiliate Website?

The travel affiliate website is already setup and ready for you to make money. We have researched and tested the site using multiple affiliate programs and implemented some of the travel affiliate programs that will pay you instantly for bringing them customers. The site is completely automated to make money 24-7. The web technology turns visitors into cash using Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Sale methods.

What travel affiliate programs are used?

This travel affiliate website is mainly designed for hotels and flights affiliation programs. For hotels, we use and for flights, we use as affiliation program companies. We also offer car rental affiliation program integration, depend on your car rental affiliation program membership. For example, you can use,,, etc. as long as there are available contents could be integrated in this travel affiliate website. In our portfolio, we use

Are the travel affiliates programs free to sign up?

Yes, all travel affiliate programs that we have partnered are 100% free to sign up and it only takes a few moments to open accounts with each affiliate provider. However, especially for car rentals affiliate programs, are usually not instant signup. Sometimes, car rental affiliation signup take a few hours/day for approval process.

Do I earn commission on sales?

The travel affiliate website is mainly setup to be monetized with pay-per-click earnings although it is also able to earn you a percentage based commission on actual sales brought through site. For example, if someone books a flight through your website, you will earn 50% net income meaning the travel partner will share with you 50% in whatever they profited on the deal. The same goes for Hotels and Car rentals. However, the commissions are vary, its depend on their commission scheme. For details, it's better for you to read and learn carefully how their commissions work. You can visit their official websites, such as,,, etc.

What is the earning potential running this site?

The average you can expect to make with this website is $0.50 to $4+ per visitor from targeted travel traffic. This means with only 100 visitors per day you could earn $50 – $200 per day. As you grow your traffic and exposure, your earnings will continue to grow monthly in the form travel affiliate income. The more visitors using your travel search engines the more you earn in profits. Site earns with combination of PPB & PPC.

Must I promote my Travel Affiliate Website?

Yes, exactly, no successful website without promotion. You must have a plan to promote and advertise your website to drive site traffic. This is affiliate website, means more traffic more opportunity to earn more commission. You can use many methods to promote your site, such as social media, classified ads, advertising service, forum, content article, etc.

Do you guarantee to make money with this travel affiliate site?

No, we are not guarantee how much money you will earn through the travel affiliate website. We only provide the ready made travel affiliate website that you are ready to make money. Of course, you must have a further works after getting the site. You must promote your website to drive traffic and hard working to make your website become popular. Remember, more visitors more side income opportunities.


What is the platform of this site?

Almost of our travel affiliate websites are built with WordPress platform. But, we also have PHP/HTML platform website. See all of our portfolio.

Do I need experience running this site?

Unlike most websites that require you to have some experience managing, this fully automated, self updating and turnkey travel affiliate business requires absolutely no experience to run online. No daily maintenance, no follow up to inquires, no payment processing, everything is taken care of for you making it one of the easiest sites to manage and make successful. This gives you the time to focus on other areas like promotion to grow revenue. However, to make your site always fresh and interesting by visitors, it's better for you to periodically posting a travel articles. It will also make your site become alive.

What are the costs to run this website?

There are no surprise expenses or up-selling with this opportunity. The only expenses you are looking at to get this site live is the cost to purchase domain name and web hosting. All websites need domain name and host to run. Other than these expenses, promotion is the only other expense and that is dependent on you and what you plan on doing to market site. Site can easily be marketed for free using effective strategies.

Do you offer the setup site for me?

Yes, we take care of the setup, installation and affiliate links integration to get your site fully functional and operating on the web. You simply provide us with your domain name, hosting details, and affiliate details and we take care of the rest. We make it easy for you, providing a turnkey, ready to go business in less than 24 hours. See our option in our package details when you buy our products.

Where do I purchase domain names?

There are plenty domain registrar companies, such as Godaddy, namecheap, namesilo, uniteddomains, etc. which you can purchase your interested domains. Try to find their coupon code to get the cheapest price.

What kind of web hosting do I need and where do I purchase?

No special hosting is necessary, the site can easily be hosted on any basic hosting account with no loading problems. You can buy at least shared hosting at Hosgator, HawkHost, NameCheap, Godaddy, etc. I prefer hosting with Cpanel for hosting management so that you can get easy to manage your website.

Can the website be customized?

Of course! Upon setup you will have options to change the picture banners on the homepage, popular destinations images or any other customization to the site that you may require. We will work with you to customize as per your requirements. Website also comes with back-end where you can perform your own customization after the site is handed over to you.

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